The Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City played host to influential players in the fine jewelry and watch industry Jan. 12 during the annual 24 Karat Club Dinner. After visiting the pre-cocktail party suites, more than 1,300 ticket holders were graced with the presence of a legend, Diana Ross. Ross, who took the stage in a red beaded ensemble, belting out "I’m Coming Out" and continued her performance with crowd pleasers like "Baby Love," "Sweetest Hangover," and "Stop in the Name of Love," and wrapped up the event by inviting a few guests on stage with her to help close with "I Will Survive."
“This evening is traditionally a celebration of the 24 Karat Club’s members and its history,” said Phyllis Bergman, past president of 24 Karat Club and chairperson of this years’ dinner, “The dinner and the pre and post cocktail parties in the suites gives all of us an opportunity to spend time with friends and colleagues in a fun, relaxed social environment and that allows us to let loose and momentarily forget the pressures of the industry. These events go a long way towards building and strengthening business relationships that are so crucial to our industry’s vitality.”

... her life in recent years.

"I’ve been traveling a lot in Europe. When you don’t see me here in America, it means I’m traveling. We’ve been to Africa, Australia, Japan, Italy -- I spend a lot of time over there. And there’s been a lot of touring in other countries.

“I spent almost a year working on this (new album), ‘I Love You,’ going through a lot of material, eliminating things that weren’t positive affirmations of love. I was spending time back and forth with the record company. And then once you make a creative product, then it’s a matter of promoting it -- you have to sell it. That’s a part of it. You can’t just make a creative product and leave it there.

“I’m raising my children all at the same time, parenting and mentoring I’m sort of following my (19-year-old) son (Evan Ross) around -- I’m a stage mom of sorts! (Laughs) Teaching is part of parenting for me. That’s a lot about who I am.

Even though (a recent appearance on) ‘American Idol’ was part of the promotion for my CD, what I really enjoyed was the mentoring part of that. There’s a scholarship that I give at school in Minneapolis for entertainment. I love to be able to give back.”

… her concert set list:

"A lot of people tell me their stories -- the first time they heard ‘Baby Love,’ for instance. It wouldn’t make fans happy if we didn’t do a segment from every moment of my career -- the early Supremes days, then ‘Love Child,’ then something from ‘Lady Sings the Blues,’ then ‘The Boss.’ A little bit from every era of my career. Some days we do ‘It’s My Turn,’ some days we flip it up to ‘It’s My House.’ We switch up to keep it new and fresh for the band as well. We’re working with a lot of things at the moment -- we might turn around onstage and change something, making the ending of a song a little longer so the audience can sing along. There’s a lot of going with the flow on the stage.

“The rhythm section -- the bass, the guitars, the drums -- was so important in the Motown stuff. We had a great rhythm section in the early days at Motown, and my band is able to do that stuff.  They’re  able to play  the  jazz  stuff, then get up there on  ‘The Boss,’  then
What is pure gold for a former Supreme  out on the road is her intense fan base.  There are Diana
Ross fansites in every nook and cranny of the Web, and these intense fans buy tickets and CDs.

"A l ot of  this message of love is to the fan base that has stayed with me over the years," says Ross of
her album.
"I don't know if you've ever gone to any of these fansites, but it's amazing how much they know about
what goes on in my life. I'll go, 'How do you know that?'" 
Diana Ross talks about the fan sites dedicated to her.
Diana Ross on …
settle down, then go back up. They’re able to go through the transitions, able to take the audience with us through those moments.”

… her return to Detroit:

“I look forward to it, because I’ve got lots of family there. My dad’s there, my sisters are there, a brother is still there. It’s like a family reunion for the Ross family. … My sister Rita is bringing 30 to 50 kids to the concert. She’s very much a caregiver -- she’s very involved with kids and older people.

“But I don’t really get to stay -- this is an old-fashioned bus tour, so we get on the bus and go straight to Chicago.

“I still come back often, because of my dad. He’s my only living parent now. My dad is up there in age, and we have to take care of him.”

Thanks for the
birthday wishes,

'I Love You all'
Email from Miss Ross.
Diana Ross Challenges Gen X'ers on the 2007 BET Awards.

Not only did Diana Ross throw out a peace offering olive branch to former Supreme Mary Wilson, but the “boss” used her microphone during the Tuesday, June 26, 2007 BET Awards to suggest to younger artists that long careers are possible without relying on gimmicky vulgar language.

Ms. Ross also suggested to the hip hop crowd that it is possible to be classy, contemporary, and cool without diving into the salacious behavior used in many videos / live performances.

The lifetime achievement award presented to Diana Ross was one of the 4 big highlights of the BET Awards.

In the Ms. Ross tribute, Stevie Wonder performed Upside Down,” Chaka Khan sang “I’m Coming Out,” and Erykah Badu styled and profiled on “Love Hangover."

Gerald Levert and James Brown received posthumous tributes.  Public Enemy and Bootsy Collins performed a medley of James Brown hits.

Jennifer Holliday & Jennifer Hudson opened the show with a blockbuster semi-duet performance of “And I am Telling You” from Dreamgirls.

In 3 hours plus, America heard a year’s worth of howling from “charm school” headmaster Mo’Nique, the evening’s host. 


Diana Ross attends a Qatar Airways gala to celebrate their inaugural flights to NYC, at the Frederick P. Rose Hall - Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City.

(Photo's by Evan Agostini/ Getty Images)
Qatar Airways Hosts Gala To Celebrate Inaugural Flights To NYC      June 28th 2007
Michael Strahan / Dreier LLP Charity Golf Tournament Party                July 8th 2007
"Diana Ross performed at Tao Restaurant in New York on Sunday night as part of a charity auction hosted by the New York Giants' Michael Strahan. Ja Rule, Nicole Murphy, and Dawn Richards of Danity Kane also made appearances at the event,
which raised over $300,000 for the Supportive Children's Advocacy Network and was sponsored by the Dreier LLP law firm."
59th Red Cross Ball In Monte Carlo

MONTE CARLO, MONACO - JULY 27: Singer Diana Ross performs on stage during the Red Cross ball on July 27, 2007 in Monte Carlo, France.

Diana Ross Arrives at Michael
Strahan's second annual
celebrity golf tournament party.

(Photo's by Rob Loud / Getty Images)
The Red Cross Ball / Monte Carlo - Monaco                                        July 27th, 2007
"An Evening Under The Stars" Southhampton, New York              August 25th, 2007
Diana Ross performs at 'An Evening Under The Stars' Benefit Concert on August 25, 2007 in Southampton, New York. (Photo's by Shane Gritzinger/FilmMagic)
The fog rolled into town but the stars were still shining in Southampton as over 500 people at the An Evening Under the Stars Gala for the Diabetes Research Institute excitedly awaited the supreme diva, Diana Ross. The athletic fields at Stony Brook Southampton were transformed for the evening into a massive tented cocktail area and ballroom by none other than event impresario Barton G. Guest glided up the white carpet covered stairs and entered glass doors into a space dressed in chartreuse upholstered walls, elegant white columns, and sleek white curved bars. Waiters passed delicious lamb chops, mini crab cake sandwiches, and scallops casino and champagne flowed freely. Eager fans tried to sneak a peek into the ballroom but the conscientious security was having none of that – we had to be patient.
Encased in a fiery red sequin encrusted gown complete with outrageous red chiffon ruffled cape Diana Ross entered the room to thunderous applause belting out, “I’m Coming Out”. Her amazing vocal range and stamina had us all wishing the concert would never end. She was sexy and powerful and her voice was clear, crisp, and filled with emotions. Unlike other performer of her era she still commands the full attention of any room she enters and gives over 100%. The masses were mesmerized as she continued with “Baby Love,” “Stop In The Name Of Love,” “Love Hangover,” “Can’t Hurry Love,” and “Touch Me In The Morning”.

After a quick break and costume change she emerged in a green dress that played up her curves and highlighted her flawless features. Women in the room were green with envy for her traffic-stopping figure. At 63, she had the energy a songbird a third her age and the stage presence and charisma few can match. She continued with “The Boss,” “It’s My House,” “Love Child,” and “Upside Down.” With her signature smile, bedroom eyes, and flirty breathless conversation she held her audience as she performed “Ease on Down the Road” from the musical “The Wiz” in which she starred along side Michael Jackson, Lena Horne, Richard Pryor, and Mabel King.

Another quick change to a provocative black number and she was back for her encores that included “Why Do Fools Fall In Love,” the title song “Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)," and the resounding “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” She finished her marathon with as much energy as she began with “If You Call My Name.” The room exploded and it was clear that the magical night would be remembered for a very long time indeed. Guests could be heard muttering about how amazing she looked and how unreal she sounded. She seemed as if she could go on all night unfatigued and we wish she would have done just that.
Photo by Kurt Leggard
Photo by Kurt Leggard
VENETIAN MACAU GRAND OPENING.                                            August 28th, 2007
"An Evening Under The Stars"                                                       August 25th, 2007
Diana Ross is 63 years old and looks exactly as she did the night she performed in a lightning and rain storm in Central Park--especially the hair, which is fabulous---back in 1983.

Miss Ross was in the Hamptons this past weekend for a big Barton G. blowout for the Diabetes Research Institute. Apparently An Evening Under the Stars, hosted by Jill and Cliff Viner originally at their Quogue estate was such a hot ticket, it had to be moved to another location.

Our spies tell us that Miss Ross made several gown changes and "delivered the goods bigtime." If she didn't change gowns at least six times, we'd be worried. At any rate, she looks outstanding.

Billionaire owner Sheldon Adelson and his wife, Dr. Miriam Adelson joined with his Vegas CEO William Wiedner and his wife Lynn for the red ribbon cutting ceremony .

Then Sheldon and Miriam cracked a bottle of champagne on the first of the 51 gondolas to travel on the 3 canals that make up the Grand Canal shopping arcades there; - the first newly-wed couple went on the debut ride.

Venetian president Rob Goldstein and his wife, Cheryl also attended the opening festivities

Superstar Diana Ross has joined with Cirque du Soleil and Phantom of the Opera performers to entertain at the gala dinner celebrating the opening of the new Venetian Macau resort on the Cotai Strip in Macau.

Diana Ross in bright yellow dress was the surprise guest at a variety show and performed three songs, including "Endless Love".

Diana Ross was joined by Hong Kong pop-star Alan Tam. >
< Outside a videowall
<Diana Ross was joined by Hong Kong pop-star Alan Tam. >

"In my wildest dreams, the event couldn't have been more perfect," hostess Jill Viner said. "The warmth from Diana Ross was such a gift, and the most significant part of the evening was that we all had a common bond and that we were all there with the same goal in mind, to find a cure for diabetes."

During the dinner program, DRI Scientific Director Camillo Ricordi, M.D., addressed the audience, extending sincere gratitude to the Viners and everyone in attendance for their support of the DRI, and emphasizing that the Institute's focus is to cure diabetes in the fastest, safest and most efficient way possible.

Even Ross, herself has had a personal interest in seeing a cure for this devastating disease ever since her father was struck with it. "I am really, really interested in what you are doing," she told the audience.

Ross gave an awe-inspiring performance. Beginning with a slow crescendo from her band, she belted out I'm Coming Out as she emerged from behind curtains, continuing the song with a sparkling smile and the first of three gown changes - a glittering red gown and ruffled wrap. Cheering guests leapt to their feet and began singing along and dancing between tables. Ross regaled her excited fans with 17 of her classic tunes, including "Baby Love," "Stop in the Name of Love," and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," and in no time, the dance floor in front of the stage was packed with grooving fans.
Picture Diana Ross with Barton G Weiss.
MACAU is a small island off HONG KONG (20 minutes by plane). It’s the only place in CHINA where it’s legal to gamble and thus all the big casinos are making the move from Atlantic City and Las Vegas (The Sands, The Wynn and now The Venetian).

We arrived the evening before the Grand Opening. It was weird and kinda eerie to be in a vacant casino (no slot machines dinging, no weary people losing all their money, NOTHING). The Venetian in MACAU is an exact replica of the one in Vegas only with Chinese food in the restaurants, shops you’ve never heard of and Chinese writing on the signs. When the building is complete it will be the largest building in all of China. It’s HUGE!
(I totally got lost roaming the halls and its not even all open yet).

The Grand Opening ceremony started with the Grand Canal shops opening at 2pm (I stayed far away since I’d already spent way too much $). Next was the concert in the stadium featuring Asian pop stars, Cirque De Soleil and of course the highlight of the show, my mom!

First on the stage was Ania, a cute pop star (A Chinese Ashley Simpson look alike) who jumped around in a leather mini skirt and was backed by a team of female dancers (back-up dancers seem to be the hot thing here. They even let my mom borrow some so she could fit in ;). Though the lyrics where in Chinese, I found my self singing along to the repetitive chorus.

Next David Toa (a heart throb in Hong Kong) greeted the audience in English then sang saucy bilingual
ballads with screechy, off-key runs (though slightly terrible, he was kinda cute).

An Asian themed Cirque De Soleil delighted the audience with elements of dance, acrobatics and even a
huge paper dragon (like the kind u see at a parade). It’s truly spectacular what these performers can do.

Next came Grasshopper, a Hong Kong pop trio (a super cheesy Chinese MAN band) that rocked the house
in brightly colored suits and crop tops. They made me howl with laughter, but the crowd seemed to get
pumped by their danceable tunes, sweet moves and colorful attire.

Alan tam, an award winning Cantonese pop star grandly dropped to the stage in a droopy red cage type thing (it resembled Madonna’s boob in her pointy bra stage). I have no idea how he got in that thing. He must have been locked up in it for the whole show. He sang his pop ballads as the crowd sang along and shimmed around the stage in his rhinestone ripped jeans (very 1982).

With a wave of his arm, out came mom looking like a princess in an amazing, yellow poofy gown. They sang a duet of Endless Love (his English barely understandable, but he was so excited that it was cute). Mom, the amazing performer that she is, commanded that arena and got the audience on their feet for the first time all night.

After the concert, the Casino opened (and was supposedly rushed by some 3,500 people ready to gamble away their savings). We headed to the Black Tie dinner in the ballroom (I wore the red dress mom accepted her BET Award in. I’m a lucky girl that I can fit in my mom’s clothes. Plus, it was the perfect traveling dress because it doesn’t wrinkle and could be shoved into my suitcase).

I sat at a table with all the young attendees (including Asian pop sensation and my new pen pal Bao Bao and all the casino owners kids). The performers from the Phantom on the Opera sang, then some Italian Opera singers pierced our ears while we dined on smelly fish dishes (Less than FABULOUS dinner). When Mom took the stage again in a red gown, the crowd left their tables and rushed the stage. Everyone was dancing in the aisles and it was FABULOUS!

After the show, we grabbed some eatable food at one of the newly opened restaurants and cruised the casino (I didn’t gamble this time, though I do play a mean hand of Black Jack).
Chudney Ross The FABULOUS journey continues… .                  August 28th, 2007                              
Chudney Ross with her brother Evan.
As the massive wooden doors opened soft violet and rose colored lighting transformed a once blank white space into a warm and inviting ballroom. Wood panels and more white carpeting gave the room a cozy feel and cascades of tropical orchids elevated the modern décor. Clear chairs and white linens kept the attention on the star for the early part of the evening – the food. Dinner began with a trio of luscious shrimp cocktails and gazpacho. The next course, New York Strip Steak was grilled to perfection and served with a delicious peppercorn sauce. Guests enjoyed their just desserts as a vanilla milkshake and decadent chocolate layer cake appeared with a trio of miniature ice cream sundaes. Champagne and wines donated by Pernod Ricard USA enhanced the delicious evening.

Jill Viner, our gracious hostess, was swathed in a fabulous pink satin ball gown and shimmered as she expressed her heartfelt thanks to all who had come to support the evening. As this cause is dear to her heart she reminisced about her brother, a diabetic, and how she and her husband Cliff Viner are so happy to bring awareness of the epidemic to the spotlight. Then the room began to buzz and we all waited breathlessly for Diana to make her grand entrance.

CHINA, MACAU August 28, 2007
Venetian Macau Opening

Diana Ross has joined with Cirque du Soleil and Phantom of the Opera performers to entertain at the gala dinner celebrating the opening of the new Venetian Macau resort on the Cotai Strip in Macau.                                 
U.S.A, SOUTHHAMPTON, NY - August 25, 2007
An Evening With The Stars

Diana Ross was in the Hamptons for a big Barton G. blowout for the Diabetes Research Institute.                                      
MONTE CARLO, MONACO - July 2, 2007
Red Cross Ball

Diana Ross performance. 
U.S.A, New York - July 8, 2007
Michael Strahan / Dreier LLP Charity Golf Tournament Party

Diana Ross performed at Tao Restaurant in New York on Sunday night as part of a charity auction hosted by the New York Giants' Michael Strahan.

                                           U.S.A, New York - June 28, 2007

Qatar Airways gala to celebrate inaugural flights to NYC

Diana Ross attends a Qatar Airways gala to celebrate their inaugural flights to NYC, at the Frederick P. Rose Hall - Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City.                          
U.S.A,Los Angeles - Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Diana Ross attends the 2007 BET Awards.         
The show included "I'm Coming Out", "Where Did Our Love Go", "Baby Love", "Stop! In the Name of Love", "You Can't Hurry Love", "Why Do Fools","Do You Know Where You Going' To", "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"and closed with "I Will Survive". Bernard from L.A had the honour to dance with Diana on stage.