Diana Ross performance in Melbourne,
by: Andreas Hirsch

31th of October.

                                                        Arrival at the Airport Melbourne,
                                                              9:05 AM 29th of October

Miss Ross arrived with Qantas from Los Angeles . The Band was on the same Flight.
She came out of the Customs door and wore a long golden coat and she looked beautiful. 
She met her Bodyguard in the Arrival Hall.

An Airport Employee went over to her and asked her to sign anything for her.
Miss Ross was in a hurry ( as always ) and Carolin went over to Miss Ross after she did some pictures of her and she signed the ILY Cover for her. When she started to sign the Cover she said : keep on walking with me, I had a long flight i want to move.

Andreas was filming the whole Scenario from the Arrival at the Airport .

Than she jumped into her Mercedes which was already waiting outside
the Arrival Hall.

The Show was supposed to start at 8PM the suppporter Anthony Callea
started for the first 45 minutes at 9 15 PM the Show of Miss Ross started.
She came out to I am coming out , and wore her  red Flamingo  dress.
She  looked  absolutely  fantastic. The Songlist  was  the  same  as  in
Europe 2005 , she didn't sing any of her new Song from "I Love You".

Costumes changes :
Flamingo dress
Golden dress
White dress ( LSTB )
Black Dress
Black Suite ( cowboy boots)

She finished the Show after 80 minutes , really short for the high price .....Her voice was very good but had a view Sound problems right in the begining. Differences between the Europe concerts were , she didnt introduce the whole Band nobody danced with her to Upside Down ( the Audience was VERY reserved ( a lot of older people ) !!!!!   Nobody stood up for dancing during the entire Show.

She did only two Songs from LSTB but the crowd liked them very much, and for the first time she got standing ovations.

We had the chance before the Show to see her twice , and got Signature on the new album cover.

During the Show she was very often in front of us while we were the only ones who danced while sitting in the Chairs.... ( standing was not allowed during the Show which was very frustrating ).
At "Aint no mountain high Enough" we showed her our German Flag which we brought from home, she was laughing and had a closer look at the flag .

Than she sang "Endless love" right in front of us and she always looked in our eyes and said 
Than she bend almost at the edge of the Stage and hugged and kissed Andreas and said to him :
" PLEASE HOLD ME, OTHERWISE I AM FALLING DOWN THE STAGE " . She blew kisses to Carolin because she could not more bend over the Stage. ( Carolin is much shorter than Andreas LOL)
The whole Evening was a highlight for both of us , and we had a lot fun with the Band during the Show.  They laughed a lot about us ( the chair dancers ).

We would like to thank Miss Ross for this Evening and looking forward to see her in Sydney and
Hunter Valley .....( The Team in the Front Row ) ........

Also we would like to thank the Band and it was a pleasure to meet them all again!

This Evening was really worth travelling the very long way to Melbourne nearly 25 hrs from Germany to Australia.

Once again thank you Miss Ross.

With permission, thanks to Andreas Hirsch from the German website www.dianaross.de

Peter Burch

Diana  Ross,  named  Billboard  magazine's   Female  Entertainer
of the (20th) Century and at one time pronounced by the Guinness
book  of  Records  as  the  "most  successful  female   artist  ever",
enchanted a near-capacity house in Melbourne last night.

Back in  Australia for  four concerts  after  an absence of nearly  a
decade, Ross's voice showed few signs of wear and she delivered
a brace of her great songs, both from  the Supremes'  playlist  and
her solo successes songs such as Baby Love,You Can't Hurry Love
and Touch Me in the Morning.

From the movie The Wiz came Ease On Down The Road and from
Lady Sings the Blues, a homage to Billie Holliday.

Glenn Mitchell

POP's greatest diva, Diana Ross, set off a chain reaction
when she opened her Australian tour in Melbourne last night.

It started from the moment she walked on stage and opened
with her classic I'm Coming Out, which quickly led into Chain

From there excitement levels went through the roof of the
Regent Theatre as 3000 fans lapped up the dish that is Diana.

Accompanied by her full concert band and wearing her trademark lavish costumes, the "Supreme Diva", as she is known, unleashed one of the most hit-laden shows ever seen in this town, with a mixture of pop, soul and blues.

Ross sang songs from her illustrious 35-year solo career, including hits that have become the fabric of the lives of generations of fans.

Her staggering repertoire included numbers from her days with the Supremes through to many of her No. 1 solo hits including Chain Reaction, Upside Down, and of course, the supreme sublime classic hit Love Child.

It was hard to pinpoint highlights of the show, as the entire time Ross was on stage was a highlight in itself.

Her vocals were brilliant and the sheer joy she feels while performing flowed into an audience enraptured by seeing one of the all-time greats.

And great she was.

Ross has that rare ability to take the audience with her through song and sparkling repartee.

Rarely was a number not meet with rapturous applause and the audience hung on her every word waiting for the next classic hit.

It is extraordinary to watch an artist who has so many amazing years behind her, still performing at her peak and enjoying it as much as ever.

That is the great pleasure of watching an artist such as Ross in full voice.

She doesn't need the money, she is simply on stage because she loves performing and entertaining.

And as much as Ross enjoyed her show, so did an audience who knew they were in the presence of a true superstar.

Ross will also perform at the Melbourne Cup Chairman's Dinner tomorrow night.

The Former Ladies of THE SUPREMES in front of the Capitol Theatre's Ticketmaster.  The Ladies proudly pose next promotional posters of themselves and also Diana Ross.  The Former Ladies of THE SUPREMES performed in the Capitol Theatre.  Diana Ross is scheduled to appear there later. Sydney, Australia gets a double dose of "SUPREME TALENT!" Inside the Ticketmaster FLOS, and DIANA ROSS' promo cards appear alongside each other.   More pictures!!
Wow. The first thing you hear is "I'm.... coming.... out!" from somewhere backstage. (I'm sure she does that every show!) And she keeps teasing the audience with that for what seems like forever before she appears in gorgeous feathers.

Mark and I were in the very center, 7 rows from the front -- perfect seats for me. Her outfits were tremendous -- lovely evening gowns and lots of feathers.

She started with I'm Coming Out and Chain Reaction. Then, during My World Is Empty Without  You Babe, her microphone did some weird feedback thing and she had a few words with the sound guy -- that was the closest to a tantrum she got, and was really good to see. The rest of the show was perfect.
She only played her hits -- onstage for just under 2 hours and there was only one song I didn't know... something about "rocking the boat" and "turning emotions on and off" were the only lyrics I remember.(The Boss / maybe?)

The audience loved her -- she got standing ovations a few times DURING the show -- the biggest after the blues standard "don't explain" and by the end of the show everyone was up and dancing for "i will survive".

I got teary a few times during the show -- during 'theme from mahoghany' of course (my fave) and 'stop in the name of love' for some reason...(I think I was just overwhelmed with how legendary she is!). She did the 'endless love' duet alone, which was lovely. I had forgotten the song 'this is my house, and I live here...' it's so good.

She was so lovely and gorgeous and funny and sweet. mark and I both loved the show... it was perfect.
if there was one problem, it was that she has so many hits that she didn't get to them all -- I would rather she skipped 'ease on down the road' and 'why do fools fall in love' and instead she could have done 'reach out and touch' or 'missing you' (or 'swept away' but I really didn't expect her to play that one).

By the end of the show, everyone was thinking the same thing: "diana ross, I love you sooo much".
and best of all, I think she really enjoyed it too.

Diana Ross "I Love You sooo much" ...From a fan!
October 30, 2006  By: Jason / Melbourne.
Ross off track
SUPERSTAR Diana Ross, who is performing at the Victoria Racing Club's Chairman's Dinner on
November 1, is not expected to be trackside at Flemington during the carnival.
We can only imagine the commotion the diva would have caused if she made it to the Birdcage.
The International Diana Ross Fanclub
"I Love You" 2006

Diana Ross in concert,
Regent Theatre, Melbourne. 
Diana Ross in concert,
Melbourne Cup Carnival Chairmans Dinner, Race Track, Melbourne.
Diana Ross in concert,
Capital Theatre, Sydney.
Diana Ross in concert,
Tempus Two Winery in the Hunter Valley.
Fifty years on,
Ross is still supreme.
Ross' chain reaction still reigning supreme.
To Di for: singer Diana Ross in action at Melbourne's Regent Theatre last night. She will also perform at the Melbourne Cup Chairman's Dinner tomorrow night. Picture: Ian Currie
The Supreme Ms Ross
By Sandra McLean
                                                "One Night Only"
                                          Australia 2006
Diana Ross performs in Australia -Tour 2006
Holly Lloyd-McDonald
November 01, 2006

Diana Ross  sparkled and glittered in  true
diva   style  last  night   for  the  cream  of
Australia's  horse - racing  industry, which
gathered  at   Flemington   for    the   VRC
chairman's dinner.

With  the  cutlery  cleared  so  no  clinking
would   upset   The  Diva,  Ross  appeared
exactly at  9pm  and was  a vision of  wild
afro-curls, a golden bustier  blinding  with
sequins and a huge bronzed full tulle skirt.
Belting out  hit  after  hit,  Diana Ross  CDs
will  walk  off music store  shelves today if
the bopping shoulders, nodding heads and
dancing feet of the VIP guests was any in -
dication of just how good Ross still is.

Not skipping a beat and belying her 60-plus years, a svelte Ross had the crowd in the palm of her hand with Don't Explain, Touch Me in The Morning, Chain Reaction and Endless Love, her famous duet with Lionel Richie.

In true stage diva style, Ross changed her outfit three times in the one hour performance, with a slinky silvery one-shouldered gown and a gigantic white diamante-studded tulle stole, which she coyly wrapped around her shoulders or tossed to the side like a scorned lover.

Her finale of I Will Survive, a late-evening survival anthem pitched loud and proud across thousands of dance floors every weekend, brought guests to their feet as she swayed and raised her arms to the heavens in a skin- tight black velvet dress and a heavy black feathered and glittering kimono wrap.

Diva Diana sparkles at Flemington
Earlier, the red carpet was a civilised affair with prompt arrivals by VRC chairman Rod Fitzroy and wife Paige, and chief executive officer Dale Monteith and wife Anne.

Deputy CEO Sue Lloyd Williams also cut a fine figure along with Julia Fitzroy, the very glamorous chairman's daughter, and her dashing partner James Schwegler.

Strapper Francesca Cumani, the pretty daughter of British trainer Luca Cumani, didn't disappoint along with Jane and Clare Hawkes, of the famous racing family.

Glamorous invitees included Channel 7's Cindy Sargon wearing a pearl and bead encrusted J'Aton gown and The Great Outdoors travel presenter Shelley Craft in a smoky green lace Julie Goodwin dress.

Leaf green was also favoured by Channel 7's Dancing with the Stars presenter and Myer Fashions on the Field host Sonia Kruger. Fox FM radio hostess Jo Stanley arrived on her own in a royal blue and pin-tucked gown by Jenny Bannister.

Fire-engine red was the choice of Crown's head of marketing Ann Peacock who attended with her husband, Michael Kroger.
Diana Ross performs her favourites at the Melbourne Cup Carnival Chairman's Dinner, at Flemington race track
The pictures may not be reproduced or publish in any form.
The pictures are marked.  All rights reserved. (c) 2006
Diana's one fabulous diva.

Diana Ross wowed the audience at the Chairman's
Dinner  at  Flemington  Racecourse on Wednesday
night   and   everybody   behind  the   scenes   can
now breathe a sigh of relief.

Of course the 62-year-old had some demands. But
her  'people'  were  much easier to deal with than
Luciano Pavarotti last year.

Here are some interesting snippets:

WHEN  Ross sings she reads an autocue on  stage,
so she doesn't forget the words.

SHE requested  two kettles and  she loved them so
much,  her    people   bought   them   from   event
manager Peter Jones at the end of the night.

WITH just an hour to spare before the show, organisers had to find three women, three irons and three ironing boards to get her mountain of dresses into shape for the concert. Initially they weren't ironed to the right standard.

ROSS had a floor to herself and her entourage at Flemington and nobody was to enter. On Tuesday her people weren't happy with her dressingroom because it was too far for her to walk to the lift. The distance was 20m

IT was rare for anybody to talk to Ross herself. Event manager Peter Jones's 'people' dealt with her 'people' to minimise human contact.

HER huge hair is mostly real, with some hair extensions to enhance it.

BACKSTAGE, Ross had to walk past the men's toilet, so if you were stuck in the toilet as she was about to pass by, you had to stay there until she had gone.

BUT what about the forgotten Chris Isaak?

He was just as good on Wednesday and much less demanding.

However, he did strangely request a can of mustard and an obscure variety of diet raspberry soft drink no one in Australia had heard of.

Diva at dinner: Diana Ross at the Chairman's Dinner at Flemington Racecourse on Wednesday night.
The Eye has the behind the scenes news.
Picture: Craig Borrow 

Anyway, the audience was an interesting mix, mainly in the 30 to 40 age group but also some teenagers, who may have come mainly to see the support act, Anthony Callea, the runner up in last year's Australian Idol. One of the Idol judges and singer, Marcia Hines, was also in the audience.
There were a couple of glam drag queens, notably one very tall skinny guy in huge blond wig a La Ross curls.

Diana appeared centre stage from darkness singing 'I'm Coming Out', in the red glittery flounces that later become a red mini dress. The song order and frock changes were as before at Melbourne. We didn't
see the beautiful yellow gown that she wore at the races in Melbourne though.

Her voice was as beautiful as I've heard it, strong, warm, clear and hitting all the right notes. The audience loved her. It didn't take any time at all for people to be up dancing in the aisles and singing along to all the favourites.

She didn't interact much with the audience though, certainly much less than in any other concert I've seen her. She didn't come down from the stage and she didn't have anyone up on stage with her. Her treatment of her songs was a little bit cursory, moving quickly from one to the next, almost like she was a bit tired. The spring in her step that I have so loved just wasn't there. Maybe I still expect too much of her. I still thought she was fantastic on the night, still sparkling just not quite as brightly as I'd have liked to have seen. For the vast majority of the audience, she could do no wrong. She seemed to warm up more
toward the end, particularly singing Ain't no mountain and I will survive. At the end everyone was up on their feet clapping, stamping and yelling for more. She left uscalling for more, just as every true Diva should!

She didn't sing any songs from ILY but did mention it in passing when she introduced her male backing singer as the writer of ILY, the title track on her new album.

I'm sorry I'm not wholly positive about the experience tonight. Don't get me wrong, she was great but just missed that sparkle that I've seen before in her live performance. A little disappointing.

Ian Mcleish.
A fan review / November 3
Thanks to Ian McLeish, my Australian reporter.
The theatre is a beautiful old venue dating  back to 1927 and very
recently renovated  to  it's  former  glory. I  thought it  strange that
the only merchandise on sale at the concert was the 'Blue' album.
I asked the vendor but he had no explanation for why the ILY album was not being sold. There was no sign of any other marketing, only the Blue album. There was no program for sale, no posters, nothing at all but 'Blue'. Very strange.
Fans of American pop  diva  Diana                         Ross were left disappointed last night when her Hunter Valley concert was cancelled off because of bad weather. The former Supreme, 62, making her visit to Australia since 1997, had been booked to perform outdoors at Tempus Two Winery at Pokolbin. Promoter Andrew McManus Presents told the winery the show had been cancelled before Ross was scheduled to take the stage at 7.45pm."

"Ross show off".

We started at 3.00 pm to go to the stage door. We met there Ruth and Helen from UK for the first time (it was a pleasure and so much fun). It was not very warm outside and we waited at a coffee shop.  At 4.00 pm the band arrived. We talked with them a couple of minutes.
At 7.00 pm Miss Ross arrived in a black Mercedes. She was driven very near to the stage entrance, so we had no chance to get to her. We all screamed Miss Ross. She turned around for a second and smiled.

At 8.00 pm the show started. Once again was the support act Anthony Callea . He had a very good voice but we expected very much Miss Ross.
At 9.00 pm the show started. She looked fantastic with the red dress and was in a very good mood. She did the same show as in Melbourne but did The LSTB song don’t explain more up tempo than in Melbourne. Her voice was excellent. We were in the second row. When she saw us, she waved and blew kisses to us.

She was absolute fantastic this evening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While she was singing “Stop in the name of Love” she stood  in front of Carolin and looked at her. Carolin  knew the lyrics and the gestures and did the same Miss Ross did. We both had to giggle a lot.
At the end of  “Endless Love” Andreas and Carolin gave her red roses and once again she blew kisses to us.The final song was “I will survive”.

We saw a review from an Australian guy who said, the crowd went wild and there where a lot of dancers. Maybe for him the crowd went wild. Once again, you were not allowed to dance, even when you had an aisle seat and you don’t disturb anybody else. Only at the final song the crowd was on their feet. 
We used to dance all the time, but not in the chair (chair dancers).

After the show, we had an appointment with the band in their hotel. It was a nice evening.
Thanks to every one of them.

The next day we went to Hunter Valley in the Vineyards. We had very bad weather conditions and asked if the show is cancelled. Answer: NO!!!

So we had dinner at first. 2 hours later we were told that the show is cancelled right now, because of the healthiness of the people…. Really funny, because a lot of the crowd sat almost for 2 hours in the heavy rain!!!

Later we were told, that an inspector said it was too dangerous. The stage was wet and slippery and the whole equipment was wet…we were all very disappointed.

For us, it was a  hard  trip  coming  from  Germany to  Australia  to  see
Miss Ross in concert.But it was worthwhile and we are looking forward
to see her again, wherever it will be…..

Carolin & Andreas

With permission of Carolin and Andreas from the German website.

A fan review / November 3
Thanks to Carolin & Andreas.
– Melbourne,
  Regent Theatre,
  30 October  

– Melbourne,
  Race Track, 
  1 November

– Sydney,
  Capital Theatre, 
   3 November

–Tempus Two Winery,
  Hunter Valley.