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Harrah's Rincon Diana Ross in San Diego                                            Thursday, November 1


I'm Coming Out
My World is Empty without You
Baby Love
Where Did Our Love Go
Stop! In the Name of Love
The Boss
It's My House
Love Hangover
Touch Me in the Morning

Love Child
Why Do Fools Fall in Love
Ease on Down
Fine and Mellow
Don't Explain
Theme from Mahogany
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
I Will Survive

Her banter with the audience was light. At one point she scolded a member in the audience about "taping" her with his cell phone. I'm paraphrasing, but at the end of "Fine and Mellow" she says, Are you using your cell phone?  I would HATE to see that on YouTube!, I spent 20,000 dollars for this dress! Implying the quality from the cell phone wouldn't do the dress justice. There was a collective "ooooooh" from the audience and at that point I shut my camera off - HA! Another time was at the close of "I Will Survive". She chided at the Security guys to leave the audience alone - that they were just having fun. The concert was just slightly over an hour. There were 4 costume changes. The concert started at 8:10 p.m. and parted the stage at 9:15 p.m.
Diana didn't do any material from the "I Love You" album. There was merchandise available. Two T-shirts that looked familiar (one red one and one black one I recall from her 2004 appearance) and an "I Love You" black tote bag with gold print. There was a nice program available that had photos from the "I Love You" photo shoot and of course they were selling the "I Love You" CD.

From San Diego's reporter Peter Hager.
Brilliant! Can't think of a word to sum it up better.Diana was radiant, looked terrific ( as good as I've seen her look since 2004 ), and was in a fabulous mood. Early on, she said "I'm living the dream...I'm in such a good place right now." She also mentioned the Kennedy Center honors. Her voice was extremely song and clear...she was really pushing the notes. Wore the red dress for the opening segment, the white dress from "An Audience With...", the black gown with the feather cape, and the lime dress. Same set list as last spring. The sold out audience was great, very enthusiastic. She got a lot of flowers, and security told us her dressing room was blanketed with flowers before the show.

I have seen Diana more times than I can count, and I've been to some very special shows, and I can tell you all
last night she sounded as good as she ever has. Santa Rosa is a subscription-based venue, so you had a lot of folks there who go to every show there, with some fans, and then some hard core fans. Even with that mix, the place was up for grabs. Tonight at Oakland will be hard core fans from top to bottom, and I know it's going to be nuts.

Looking forward to meeting more fans tonight, and everyone on this site would have been proud and thrilled with last night's performance by the Ultimate Diva herself.
By Thomas Adrahtas

Wells Fargo Center Diana Ross in Santa Rosa                                      Saturday, November 3
                                       Sunday, November 4
I did not come with expectations...Diana looked stunning.....and I was so impressed with her high energy.....the Oakland crowd loved her.....paid her homage....worshipped her....people screamed "ICON!!!"..."DIVA!!!!" ..."We love you DIANA!!!".as she sang "Don't Explain". She rewarded a most enthusiastic audience by singing "I Love You" as her encore....I I lost a friend in hospice recently....Diana made me cry last time I saw her in Cupertino 2 years ago.....She sang so well...her jazz interpretations were new ones.....gained from an experienced woman of good taste....longevity...passion...humor.....sprinkled with a litte heartache.. I so love my girl....she made us proud...  report by Chuck.


“I’m Coming Out’’
“My World is Empty Without You’’
“Where Did Our Love Go’’
“Baby Love’’
“Stop! In the Name of Love’’
“Touch Me in the Morning’’
“Love Hangover’’
“The Boss’’
“It’s My House’’
“Love Child’’
“Upside Down”
“Ease On Down the Road”

“Fine and Mellow”
“Don’t Explain’’
“Why Do Fools Fall in Love’’


"Do You Know" / "Ain’t No
Mountain High Enough’’
“I Will Survive’’
“I Love You’’

“I Will Survive’’ (reprise)

The highlights were almost too many to mention. LOVE CHILD was amazing as usual, and also as usual, FINE AND MELLOW and DON'T EXPLAIN were out of this world, easily as good as I've ever seen. On the very last word of DON'T EXPLAIN, the fire alarm starts going off! There's this hideous metallic clang that kept repeating, no one knew whait it was. Diana asked if someone could "talk to us" about what was going on. No one responded, so she said, "OK, I'm talking." Then when they figured it was the fire alarm, someone from the crowd shouted "It's because you're on fire!" That cracked everyone up. Diana handled it beautifully, the alarm was shut off, and she went into WHY DO FOOLS. Only shame of it was the place would have exploded for her after DON'T EXPLAIN. That song was revelation. Our own Demarcio from Denver was called up on stage yet again during UPSIDE DOWN.
                                     Tuesday, November 6
I had the wonderful opportunity to witness the one and only Diana Ross on stage live. Miss Ross is absolutely fabulous. She has a presence that can only be described as sensational.

And yes she is a diva. At one point she told the security guards to back off as they were telling her fans to scoot back from the stage.

Miss Ross wanted to be close to her fans. She is simply amazing. If anything can be said about the classic diva it that she truly loves her fans. Amazing.

Kelvin Harper

Diana in Dubai

The event will be staged outdoors at the Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC) and is expected to be the social highlight of the Dubai Airshow"s 10th anniversary celebrations.

Diana Ross will perform exclusively for an elite audience that will include heads of state, government representatives, airshow exhibitors, business representatives and media.

Guests will be treated to an electrifying performance from the 63- year-old singer, who as a solo artist and the lead singer of the Supremes, has sold over 100 million albums and singles worldwide.
Dubai Airshow's gala is set to be a Supreme event -especially now that singing sensation Diana Ross is flying in to serenade guests.

The legendary singer and actress will entertain nearly 4,000 guests at the gala dinner on Tuesday, November 13.

Dubai: Legendary diva Diana Ross wowed a crowd of 4,000 people at a special performance on Tuesday night.
The 63-year-old showed her voice can still cut it with the best as she played a set filled with hit singles, and numerous outfit changes.
Diva Diana Ross wows Dubai
News report
Published: November 14, 2007.
Taken from a Diana Ross Yahoo Group
Diana  started on time...7:30 pm on the dot.

Total running time of the show was 80 minutes - there were some disappointed people, but everyone was amazed how good she looked and sounded at 63 years young. The venue was packed. She did not have the two large video screens on, or the flat screens on for the people in the back. There were two professional photographers who started taking pictures of her at the start of the show. She said.."you're not suppose to be in here!" She called out to her security guard, and they were gone. She was so alive with the audience. Making jokes and dancing her butt off.


"I'm Coming Out''
"My World is Empty Without You''
"Where Did Our Love Go''
"Baby Love''
"Stop! In the Name of Love''
"Touch Me in the Morning''
"Love Hangover''
"The Boss''
"It's My House''

San Manuel Casino, Highland, California.                                                             November 15, 2007
Taken from a Diana Ross Yahoo Group

I witnessed another great performance by Ross. The audience was packed and huge. I sat by the door and saw all the diverse, young and old faces of Dianas fan. Wow....To have that clout at 63. No colorlines. No age barriers.

The last show I went to was Harrahs Rincon and she changed the list up a bit. She took out Love Child and Fine and Mellow..Upside Down and a smoking version of "More Today Than Yesterday" WOW She smoked that song. I had to take a moment to see if she was lipping it. She kicked arse with that!!

For someone who flew in from Dubai yesterday she sure has Endless energy for a 63 YEAR old with jet lag.
The highlight for me was "More Today". This was the loudest crowd yet and nerve racking too. People were loud singing, drunk, crazy. I dont like some casino concerts lol
"Love Child''
"Upside Down""Ease On Down the Road"
"Don't Explain'' *
*when she did this song, the audience could not take it. They loved it!!!  So clear, so perfect.

"More Today Than Yesterday"
"Why Do Fools Fall in Love''
"I Will Survive" - **This was an encore, another encore, and another
encore. Then it was over.
FANTASY SPRINGS CASINO     INDIO, CALIFORNIA.                                     November 16, 2007
"I love her," said Diane Adams of Los Angeles. "This is the first time I've ever seen her, so I'm loving it. I've waited all my life to see her."

Ross, 63, wore an assortment of orange, silver and black floor-length gowns and even more elaborate wraps that she discarded to show off her still-ravishing figure.

She performed a mix of hits from her years as a Supreme and a solo artist, including hits by Rancho Mirage resident Michael Masser such as "Touch Me in the Morning."

Among other highlights were her blues tunes, including "Fine and Mellow" and a beautiful "Don't Explain," plus surprises, including "Ease on Down the Road" from "The Whiz" and "I Will Survive," which she sang like a theme song.

Masser was in Hawaii this week, but the recent Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee sent a message saying, "I'm thrilled she's enjoying her tour. She really is an icon, great artist and a wonderful lady."

The former lead singer of the '60s Motown group was performing as part of a sporadic, yearlong tour in support of her most recent album, "I Love You."

The album, released three weeks after the Christmas 2006 debut of the "Dreamgirls" film inspired by the story of the Supremes, opened at No. 32 on the Billboard charts and sold 21,000 copies in its first week. It was her strongest showing since the Soundscan era began in 1991.

Ross has been performing in theaters, casinos and Hard Rock Cafes. She performed Tuesday at an air show gala in the Middle East nation of Dubai.

Diana Ross drew more than 2,000 people to her first Coachella Valley concert Friday in an obvious case of a love Supreme.

The capacity crowd at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio returned the feeling.  "Touch Me In The  Morning"
Diana Ross eases down road
Former Supreme performs at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino
I am looking for several TV recordings of Miss Ross!!
Who can help me with these following recording??
Email me.

Paris, 1st March 2005
1. Wide EXT of the Hotel de Ville in Paris
2. Close up tilt of detail of the facade of the Hotel de Ville
3. Close up of Diana Ross with the Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoe and they walk towards the podium
4.PRESENTATION SHOT: The Mayor of Paris presents Diana Ross with the City of Paris Medal
5. SOUNDBITE (English) Diana Ross:
"Thank you so much Mayor. Thank you very much. (French is a very pretty language but I only speak a little bit) I love Paris very much. I lived here for almost a year, I came to visit and I think this is one of the most beautiful cities that I have visited... and thank you so much for this honour."
6. C/A of photographers
7. Diana Ross and the Mayor Delanoe embrace.
8. Guests at the event with a pan to Diana Ross and Mayor Bertrand Delanoe.
9. C/U of Diana Ross
10. Pull out to mid shot
11. SOUNDBITE (English) Diana Ross:
"Well its a very great honour, he said wonderful things about me. You know, sometimes it is hard to accept such wonderful compliments I am truly like a mother first you know, and I do care about so many things. I care about so many things and so many things that are going on in the world. I want to do more, I want to help more especially for childrenand things that I can do to make a difference in this world and maybe this accepting an honour like this is just the beginning of some of the work that possibly I could do. There is so much need and maybe there is a way just through my voice, through some way that I could make a difference."
12. SOUNDBITE (English) Diana Ross:
"I love pink and they were able to make everything in pink and they were able to make everything in pink you know instead of the regular black compacts. So its very special for me... And you can wear my lips. There is a lipstick called Miss Ross so if you want to wear my lips you can."
13. Wide ceiling of salon tilt to salon
14. SOUNDBITE (French) Bertrand Delanoe:
"Paris is a city of the world. It is a cosmopolitan city and Paris should honour creation, artists and generous people of the from around the way world."
15. Diana Ross with the Mayor holding the medal and a bouquet of flowers


Last night (1st March 2005) Diana Ross was awarded the City Of Paris Award (La Medaille De Vermeil) by the Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoe.

The diva, who had been seen attending some of the shows at Paris fashion week earlier in the day, spoke about the significance of the award to her saying:

"You know, sometimes it is hard to accept such wonderful compliments I am truly like a mother first you know, and I do care about so many things. I care about so many things and so many things that are going on in the world. I want to do more, I want to help more especially for children and things that I can do to make a difference in this world and maybe this accepting an honour like this is just the beginning of some of the work that possibly I could do. There is so much need and maybe there is a way just through my voice, through some way that I could make a difference."

Because of its symbolic and artistic value, the ''City of Paris'' medal is a token of thankfulness to personalities who, somehow have displayed a postitive role in the Parisian community. It is most frequently given to personalities from the world of the arts, culture, athletes and veterans. The mayor of Paris explained why the award is given to artists such as Diana Ross:

"Paris is a city of the world. It is a cosmopolitan city and Paris should honour creation, artists and generous people of the from around the way world."

The medal design was inspired by the 12th century seal of the water merchants that was once the emblem of Paris. The medal is produced at the Mint and has been in use since 1946.

The medal is also awarded systematically to Parisians on their 100th birthday''s and to couples who celebrate their 50th wedding anniversaries. 800 of these medals are awarded annually.
GIBSON AMPHITHEATER   LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA.                             November 20, 2007
She asked Evan & his friend / cousin to come on stage and dance with her during "Upside Down",she was very happy to have them all there because before that she mentioned all her kids names. 

For the Billy Holiday segment she wore the blue dress which we saw for the first time at the NYC fundraiser in August. Oh My Goodness, that dress is to die for!

She really played with "My Man" and kept referring to Berry Gordy who was in the audience, she pointed him out to us. She said "he isn't going to like the part which says he's not much for looks", lol!

She also thanked him again for getting her to do Lady Sings The Blues and all he had done for her. Diana  said if it was for him she wouldn't be performing for us.

She than changed into the yellow balgown ! She sang "If We Hold On Together" which she of course dedicated to her children.

I can't remember when last she did this song on tour. She then did "Do You Know"/ "Aint No Mountain High Enough".

She changed into the green dress with a big green wrap. After "I Will Survive" she left and then came back
By Steve (dantegeneva)
The show started at about 8.25pm, what is it about hearing the Intro to "I'm Coming Out" that drives the fans wild?

At this point my tiredness evapourated. She looked flawless in the red dress which she started with, every curve in the right place.
I would say the setlist was almost the same as previous shows apart from the special treats as Peter indicated earlier, I was surprised when she did "What About Love" as she hadn't done this on any of her other East coast dates, she immediately went into "More Today Than Yesterday", she had a lot of fun with that.

After "Love Hangover"she changed into the White heavily beaded wrap dress (big slit in front and shows her back) which she hasn't worn a lot recently but isn't new, the last time I saw it was on the UK An Audience With show.
Pictures by Peter Hager (San Diego)
On stage Evan, Ross Arne, Tracey, Chudney and Diana's brother Chico.

Amazing 1 hour 40 minute show last night. Diana was in terrific voice and Miss Ross has obviously been working out. She's still got an amazing figure and a waistline that most 25-year-old women would kill for. Additions to the L.A. show were a gorgeous note perfect "What About Love" a brilliant "More Today than Yesterday" a very moving version (dedicated to her kids) of "If We Hold On Together" and a great "My Man" for Berry Gordy. She thanked him again for giving her the opportunity to do Lady Sings The Blues and all he had done for her.


Diana said if it was for Berry she wouldn't be performing for us tonight. She joked during the beginning on My Man saying "he isn't going to like the part which says "he's not much for looks" and then sang "two or three or 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10, girls has he, that he likes as well as me" before going into the best "Oh My Man I love him so" I have ever heard her do. She was very generous with Fred and Valerie her back up singers and thanked everyone from the lighting guy to her personal assistant who she brought on stage for a moment.


She then added "Those of you close to me know that this was a hard show for me to do as my dad died this morning" She then told everyone going backstage after the concert that she wouldn't be there as she and her family had a plane waiting to take them back to Detroit. She then dedicated "I Love You" to her dad and her kids appeared on stage hugging and kissing her. I saw Tracee mouth "I Love you Mom" and Ross said something like "We have to go now mom" She then handed the microphone to Fred White telling the audience to enjoy this talented young man's beautiful voice. Fred did a reprise of "I Love You'" and then he and Valerie did an encore of "I will Survive.


Berry Gordy, Holland Dozier Holland were in the audience as was J Randy Taraborrelli .


This woman is a professional and showed a lot of class, love and gratitude last night. I was very proud of her for not canceling the show.

My partner's sister who had never seen Diana Ross before was completely blown away by her voice, gowns and charisma. She and I were three rows (dead center) from the stage.

Another great review by a fan John (jcunderthecovers)
Pictures by J . Randy Taraborrelli

So, what can I say about Diana Ross' concert last night at the Gibson Theater in Los Angeles (and wasn't it just somehow better when they called it The Universal Amphitheater")? Of course, I've gotten a lot of email asking me what I thought of the show, me being "The Diana Ross Guy," and all.  I can tell you that from my vantage point – second row center, in seats that cost me a mint – she'd never been better (and I've been seeing Diana Ross concerts since I was ten years old, so I have a lot with which to compare.) Not only do I think I'd never heard her in better voice, she looked pretty damn sensational, too, in her four or five costume changes. (I lost count!) She seems more at peace these days, as if she's realized (from reading my latest book about her, maybe?) that she really has nothing left to prove – she's already pretty much The Greatest Star there is and everyone else is just trying to figure out how she still does it at 63. She worked for two hours in front of a sold-out audience and then tearfully mentioned at the end of the evening that her father, Fred, had died earlier that day. I knew Fred. I'd interviewed him several times for my books; what a gentleman. So, I was very sorry to hear this sad news and also proud of Fred's girl for keeping her commitment to Los Angeles despite her grief. Simply put, it was a great show. Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about all-things-Ross – a genuine link to my youth. The fact that she is still in her artistic prime is, for me, worth celebrating. Therefore, I'm compiling some of the pictures I took of the night in a photo album for you fans to copy, enjoy and disseminate to anyone interested. (Hey! That's what the Internet is for, right?) Just go to PICS under my mug on the main page, and the link will take you there. Oh, and the song list from the show is below. (I've also added the LA Times review.)  It was an awesome night, my friends. During one of her best diva moments, my pal, Andy (who is as big a fan as I am), pointed at her just a few feet from us, turned to me and said, "That's Diana Ross." Yep. It still is.

Diana Ross in Concert 2007