They had installed monitors in front of the stage which made Diana not forget the lyrics. The sad part of the show was there was no stairs available for Diana to walk into the audience, what still makes a show magical to "Reach Out and Touch" the public.

She did many never before done songs in concert as, "Ease on Down the Road", "Fine and Mellow", "Love Child"and  "The Boss" to name a few. She looked and sounded better as never before.

From the new cd she did one song "I love you" ("More today than yesterday").
Let's see what tonight's show will bring at Madison Square Garden where lots of known fans* will be attending.
* Bernard, Betsy, Dustin, Diana and others bring us the news tomorrow!!

April 06    New York City, NY       - Madison Square Garden.  
The tourbook is about $20,00 and is not "tall" as the "Voice of love" and others from the past years. It is smaller but wider than the "This is it" Tour book and as many pages as past Tour books.

Inside there are many brightly colored illustrations accompanying Diana's gorgeous photos. All the photos are from the "I Love You" photo shoot.

Some shots are never seen before and the cover is with a close up on her face, across the cover diagnally it says "its time to say I love you" and in the lower right corner it says "Diana Ross I Love You" in the same font as the album. (See left picture)

The concerts in Europe are not "In The Round" !!
Diana  opened the show with "I'm Coming Out"..then went through "More today Than Yesterday",and the full versions of "Where Did Our Love Go", "Baby Love" and "Stop! In The Name of Love". Diana also did "Touch Me In The Morning", "Ease On Down The Road", "Love Hangover", "Fine & Mellow", "Don't Explain", "The Boss", "It's My House ",  "Upside Down", "Love Child", "Do You Know ...."/ Ain't No Mountain ....",
"I Will Survive", and she came back for a special treat...with,
"I Love You" (That's all That Really Matters).

"Diana said it was the first time she performed the song in Concert! It was Flawless!
She sounded a little nervous about singing it, but she went for it and ...
It Was Perfect". Michael said who was attending the show.

The concert wasn't too much longer than Foxwoods...Maybe an Hour and
15-20 minutes. A  lot of people complaining that it was too short. Nile Rogers
who was in the audience, she called him to go up on stage during "Upside Down",
but he didn't. James Lipton from " The Inside Actor's Studio" was also in the audience.

April 07    Atlantic City, NJ    - Borgata Hotel. 
April 05  Mashantucket, CT - Foxwoods casino - Fox Theatre Stage. 
There  are  no  plans  to record  any of the dates for DVD.  All  the  poster  and  artwork  images for this tour will us the new "I Love You" photos.  There will also be a new tour book using many of these images.

Phil (PR) Miss Ross.
There are also  some messages from Diana inside.
Diana opened the show here slightly differently at the Borgata. The intro was different, but she still opened with "I'm Coming Out". Instead of "More Today Than Yesterday" as she did at the Madison Square concert, on the 'Borgata show' she did "My World Is Empty Without You".

They sale at the concert also a carry bag that had gold writing on it that said "I Love You, Diana Ross" on one side and on the other  side "Diana Ross" with a little drawing of her holding her hands up on the other.
At the 'Borgata show' she made mention of her being an aging diva and talked about that the "I Love You" album (cd) is for us, the fans.  ( info from "Darrick")

April 09     Red Bank, NJ        - Count Basie Theatre.
   TOURBOOK         -  "It's Time To Say I Love You".                       2007
It was a 65 minutes show, Diana's first show for the USA and EUROPE TOUR.
The show started with "I' m Coming Out".

As Frank said: "She has not been in better voice in years". "The opening of the 'I LOVE YOU' TOUR was amazing".
The International Diana Ross Fanclub
I have to  say... as amazing as  MSG  was  on  Friday  night,
I was actually even more impressed by last night's  show  in
Red Bank. For starters, the theatre is VERY intimate, so to
see Miss Ross so "up close and personal" was a real treat.

Also,  she seemed much more connected with the audience this time around;  it's funny--in
New York,  EVERYONE was on their feet for much of the concert, while in NJ,  the crowd
was a 50/50 split between  diehard Ross fans and older suburban folks... but  BECAUSE of
that, I think Diana was truly appreciative of the FANS  who were  VERY  demonstrative in
their love and support. She was relaxed, playful, flirtatious and in fine voice - -a shade less
polished than MSG (she made reference to the fact that it was tiring to do four shows back
-to-back at her age, and a cup of tea or coffee was being constantly run out to her), but still
very impressive.

She received standing ovations from her fans (again, about 50% of the audience) after "I'm Coming Out", "Stop! In the Name of Love", "The Boss", "Love Child", "Upside Down" and "Don't Explain" Diana had the ENTIRE house standing from the opening strains of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" until the end of "I Will Survive".

The playlist was the same as MSG, but as she did at the Borgata, she substituted "My World Is Empty" for "More Today than Yesterday".

Her costumes differed slightly: she opened with the red American Idol gown and wrap; second costume was the yellow sequined number with her "Big Bird" feathered coat; third was the white sequined "When You Tell Me" video gown with the white tulle wrap; fourth was the black sequined "Reach Out I'll Be There" RTL gown with feathered coat and she didn't have a special "encores" gown for "I Will Survive"/ "I Love You"--she simply removed the coat from her previous ensemble. (By Tod)

April 11/12   Toronto, ON - Fallsview Casino and Resort.     
After making a diva entrance in a shimmering red gown wrapped in what looked like a giant “scrunchy,” she went into “My World Is Empty Without You”, followed by “Where Did Our Love Go”, “Baby Love” and “Stop in the Name of Love”.

For the latter song, Ross used arm gestures that recalled the time when the then-waiflike vocalist and the band she fronted had their first hit in 1964. Backed by a five-piece band and two backup singers, Ross reprised many of the hits through a solo career that began in 1970, when she left the Supremes. Her last No. 1 song was in 1984.

For many, the attraction was also on those slendering sequin gowns that also came in yellow, white and black — her entrances draped in feathery boas. Ross, who warmly embraced the audience adulation, returns tonight for another sold-out concert, to be followed shortly by two sold-out shows by Liza Minnelli. No sightings yet of Cher.

Diana Ross  moved between  career-spanning  hits as effortlessly as she changed into
slinky, sequined gowns Wednesday night in the Avalon Ballroom of the Niagara Falls-
view Casino Resort.

And the sold-out crowd of 1,511 seemed  to enjoy every minute listening to the singer’s
undiminished skills .Ross, 63, will forever be linked with that most successful girl group
of all, the Supremes, and she wast ed little time performing several of its  chart-topping
April 13    Mt Pleasant, MI - Soaring Eagle Casino.
April 14    Chicago, IL          - Chicago Theatre.  
April 16   Auburn Hills, MI   - Palace Auburn Hills.                              Detroit.
April 20     McAllen,TX                  - Dodge Arena.
April 21     Beaumont,TX               - Beaumont Civic Center.
fundraising gala
Special Engagement to Benefit Centro Cultural.
I was a little nervous.   She's  takin' a lot of  criticism  lately since her
performance  on  American Idol,  slow sales of her  recent  CD's,  etc..

But when we heard she was coming to my tribe's casino, Soaring Eagle,
word spread and there was literally a buzz around our rez and Mt. Plea-
sant, for weeks.

As a tribal member I had access to tickets before the public, and I could
just kick myself for not getting more seats, as I would've  loved to have
shared last night with everyone.  But fortunately I shared that first row
with seven members of my family, who'd never seen The Boss live.

Of course the diva kept us waiting with delicious anticipation.  Then "I'm Coming Out" and there she was, the Motown legend.

My cousin Deniece was in awe, "She's so beautiful."

Diana Ross had the audience on their feet most of the evening.  And yes here in Michigan we share a special connection to Miss Ross and the Motown Sound.  We were very honored to have her back in her home state where it all began.

Mid-Michigan showed Miss Ross a lot of love last night.

And Diana stopped the show to introduce and mention Dick's Diana Ross Website.  Dick's grandchildren even stood up and waved to the audience.  The smile on Dick's face was priceless...he really loves Diana, it showed, he was glowing and had the biggest smile on his face.

The new tourbook is square, and the tees included those on plus a white tee with Diana's eyes on the front and the tourdates listed on back.  There were also handbags with Diana's likeness for sale.

Diana was very emotional when talking about her career and how grateful and blessed she was.  We were all surprised when she said she was touring "by bus" just like the old days, and that it was tiring.  She thanked us for giving her such a wonderful career.

Diana saved an awkward moment when a man who'd had a little too much celebration approached the stage and asked if she'd do something about Iraq (as if she had the power).  She reminded the audience she was an entertainer and not onstage to be political, but said we all need to be more aware of what's happening in the world.

It was classic Diana Ross last night, for those of us who've experienced her magic
many times over the years. During the show shouts of "Diana  I love you..sing it..
Miss Ross" could be heard in the packed house. It was  another great evening
experiencing Diana Ross live.

Thanks for this review by Rob J. Peters
The focus was on her hits of yesteryear that the crowd  enthusiastically received.
"I Love You"        U.S.A TOUR 2007.       "I Love You"
“Touch Me in the Morning”,  “Upside Down" and “Do You Know", from the film “Mahogany”, were among  those that got a workout.  Ross returned to the music of Billie Holiday, whom she memorably portrayed in 1972’s “Lady Sings the Blues”,  for a soulful rendition of “Don’t Explain”.

While Ross performed the title song from her January 2007 release, “I Love You”.
What a night it was!! I am on such a high I can't describe it. It is 10:00 and yes the concert is over. She came on about 8:10 and was done at 9:30 so I guess that is 80 minutes or so. It went by so quickly it is somewhat of a blur, but I'm going to try to remember what happened so I can share it with you all...

"I'm Coming Out" (She sang from behind the stage and the audience went nuts. She milked it for awhile and then appeared on the stair case and was beautiful. The crowd was on their feet and cheering so loudly. She wore the red dress and the boa to go with it) "My World Is Empty" (And she said her world is empty without us), "Where Did Our Love Go", "Baby Love", "Stop in the Name of Love" (I have never seen so many people do the hand motion with her, she loved it)

"Touch Me in the Morning" (Beautiful and she really took her time and enjoyed the song with the audience) "Love Hangover" (Sang just a bit and then left to change clothes. The band sounded great as they played) Gold Dress with Yellow feather coat..."The Boss" (The crowd was rocking now!! Once again up on our feet.) "It's My House" (Lots of flirting with the audience. It was so fun to see her have a great time with this song and the audience)

"Upside Down" Everyone was again on their feet and dancing along. She didn't need to worry about us doing the chair dancing. She even called a guy up to dance with her and he was great. The crowd loved to see this, she was having a blast!

"Love Child", (Amazing part of the show, the end to this song is just so wonderful, we will all loving it at this point. Again, all on our feet) "Ease on Down the Road" (She had fun with this one and got everyone into it, the whole main floor were on our feet)

White Dress with white boa..."Fine and Mellow", "Don't Explain" (Beautiful, just beautiful. There was a man who stood by the stage with a box of flowers and she ended up singing right to him, t was fantastic. She then went over and got the box of flowers. Then more people started bringing them to you.

She spoke of the new album and the title track "I Love You". She spoke of her love for us and we ate it up. It was probably my favorite moment of the concert because it just reminded me of all the great moments when she talks with an audience. She sang the song and it was beautiful)

She went back into "I Will Survive" took her flowers off the piano and left the
stage for the final time. We all waited and waited hoping she would return. I
have never been to a concert where the audience didn't leave.  I was almost
thinking she would return, but she didn't.

Yes, the concert was short, but it was one of the best ones I have seen her do.
She was beautiful and so happy. She was having a great time. It was magical.

With thanks to Patrick and Kris for sending me this review.
April 19     Grand Prairie, TX       - Nokia Theatre.
She was gracious and took each bouquet and put them on the piano. Her voice was impecable during this song), "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" (Got people up out of their chairs again and dancing)

Black Dress with black coat type thing "Do You Know ", "Ain't No Mountain", (The energy at this point of the show was like it as going to blow the roof off of the theater. It was spectacular) Left, but returned without the black coat "I Will Survive" (Everyone was dancing, cheering, and throwing much love toward Diana. I was going nuts!!)

Left again, but had to return, because the audience was going crazy and wanted more "I Love You" (She talked to us at this point. It was almost like the old days when she said sit down, let me talk to you for a bit. She said sometimes they start singing and they just keep going and she doesn't get a chance to talk to us.
DeMarcio Slaughter on stage,
with Diana Ross in Chicago.
Diana loves Detroit

Diva brings her Motown spirit home for visit

Susan Whitall / Detroit News Music Writer

Diana Ross brought a tight band,  truckloads of tulle,  sequins and feathers, and a
voice that is both mellow and durable as she performed at  The Palace of Auburn
Hills Monday night. The singer emerged with clouds of hair bobbing over a frothy
red tulle wrap, to perform in front of 7,653 fans, a crowd that included her father,
Fred, former Motown etiquette teacher Maxine Powell, several of Florence Ballard's daughters, and a host of friends. The song selection ranged from her Motown years with the Supremes, and as a solo artist, up to her solo disco hits and into the present, from her new album "I Love You."

Halfway through the show, Ross came out to sing two songs associated with Billie Holiday, wearing a sexy silvery gown with an illusion neckline and strategically placed paillettes. The sight of it was too much for one besotted fan, who yelled "Hey beauty! Hot! Hot! Hot!"

"Fine and Mellow" and "Don't Explain" weren't just tossed in to remind the audience that the singer played Holiday in "Lady Sings the Blues," but "Don't Explain" particularly created a cloud of moody humidity where moments before the stage had been an upbeat disco. Ross drew out her vocals and it felt, for a moment anyway, what it might be like to see her in a small club.

"I'm so proud of her," Motown's Maxine Powell said before the show.

"I like her because of her staying power. That's the way I taught them."

Powell was hired by Berry Gordy Jr. to teach Ross and the other Motown
stars  etiquette,  grooming and comportment.  She remembers  Ross as a
slender girl who worked hard, and padded her hips because she thought
she was too skinny. "I told her you don't have to do that."

Ross listened avidly to all of Powell's instructions. "One day I caught her
pulling  faces while  she was  singing,"  said Powell.  "She said she was
feeling the song. I said you can feel the song, but have a pleasant look on your face. She still practices what I taught her."

It was obvious that she did when Ross came out in a black sequined stunner to sing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," the ultimate transcendent Motown anthem, and the ultimate song for a girl who emerged from the projects to become the ultimate pop diva.

Maxine Powell, who worked with
Diana Ross during the Motown Era.

The Motown hits were what got the mature crowd on its feet, arms waving. Ross provided all the appropriate hand movements in "Stop in the Name of Love" and tapped into the effervescent, still-girlish upper range that made her voice stand out on all those cheap AM radios.

One fan's pantomime with Ross early in the show demonstrated exactly how much of the hometown audience felt during her concert Monday night at The Palace.

After Ross leaned over from the stage to accept the fan's gift of flowers, he threw up his arms in exultation, then pointed at her. The singer clutched the roses, pointing back at the fan. This caused him to go into paroxysms of delight, ending with the "I am not worthy" bowing pose.

The show is paced well, allowing for three costume changes so that Ross can twirl out in a variety of dresses ranging from fabulous to unbelievably fabulous. Like every Motown artist trained by the label's experts, she understands the importance of lighting up the stage and being seen from every distant seat.

"Love Hangover" was an opportunity for the guitarist and bass player to step forward and funk it up on an extended jam as Ross exchanged one glittery gown for another backstage.
If you know Diana Ross – and we all know the divine,

Ms. Ross – then her show Thursday night at Nokia Theatre went like clockwork. In 80 minutes before 2,500 fans the glittery diva donned four opulent gowns. She commanded a stage with five musicians and two background vocalists. She delivered a sampling of all her musical incarnations, beginning with the Supremes and ending with one song from her current CD, "I Love You".

She was Diana, no apologies necessary. Vocally she was in fine shape. Sure, the high notes didn't get extended much, and she had a tendency to clip some of the long phrases. But for the most part, she sounded as we remember. Ms. Ross, of course, never had the strongest pipes, but she always knew what to do with her range and tone.

That hasn't changed. Ms. Ross offered a sultry version of "Touch Me in the Morning" then transformed herself into disco queen. "Love Hangover" segued into "The Boss", which she performed in a stunning yellow dress with a train and shaggy wrap. "It's My House" found her in vamping mood. She worked her hips and played up the tune's sexual innuendo.
Disco figured prominently. Even some of the Supremes material, particularly her dramatic readings of "Love Child" and the classic "Stop! in the Name of Love", had the sound of late-'70s scratchy guitars, rhythmic bass and beat-heavy percussion. She later covered Gloria Gaynor's anthem "I Will Survive".

But lest we forget that Ms. Ross can deliver a jazz tune, she did two of them from her early 1972 period playing the late Billie Holiday in Lady Sings the Blues. Dressed in a regal, shimmering white number, she let her voice capture the spirit of Lady Day. This was Diana at her most bare, when the nuance of caressing a lyric rules over the spectacle of the performance.

Yet Ms. Ross is an entertainer. She's from the old school of dazzling showmanship. Say what you will about her off-stage behavior  those ultra-diva stories that never die. The woman's a pro. She injected pathos and glamour into "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", making you feel as if she'll be there in a hurry for each person in that audience.

So when she closed with "I Love You (That's All That Really Matters)" she sold it as a personal note to every fan. Diana Ross knows the art of show business.

The ultimate diva, Diana Ross, is taking the stage today at Dodge Arena in Hidalgo. The legendary Diana Ross proved that even she's not too big for American Idol, with an appearance on the show in March.

The songstress gave each of the Idol hopefuls hints on how to up the ante within the competition and dazzled the audience with a song from her latest album, I Love You.

In addition to Idol, Ross made several special TV appearances, including a three-song Winter Concert Series performance with her band on ABC's Good Morning America, an interview and two-song performance on ABC's Live with Regis & Kelly and an interview and performance with The Late Show with David Letterman.

This spring, the former Supreme takes to the stage here in the United States and Europe on her I Love You tour, featuring songs from the album, including a trip to the Rio Grande Valley tonight at Dodge Arena.

"She's the No. 1 diva. She opened up the perimeters for all the ones that come after her," Alida Hernandez, event chair for El Centro Cultural Mexicano, which is hosting the concert. "She shows her strengths, her persistence and went through a lot to get to where she is and that's admirable."

Ross said in a press release that, "Every song on the new album is a
positive  affirmation  of love  and this is the message I want to bring
with the concerts too.

"When  I  was  in the studio,  sharing  these  songs  I was filled with
strong  emotion, " she  states.  "These  songs,  these  singers,  these
musicians and all my fans are a gift of love to me."

The  album,  a  collection  of  romantic  songs  hand-picked  by  Ross
herself, includes the catchy, "More Today Than  Yesterday"  Marvin
Gaye's "I Want You,"and "Always and Forever,"originally recorded
by Heatwave.

Released in January, I Love You's No. 32 debut with first-week sales totaling more than 21,000 units was the week's highest debut on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart and marked the highest chart debut and strongest sales week in the SoundScan era, according to her Manhattan/EMI Music Marketing, the label to which Ross belongs.

"We  wanted  to  create  the  quintessential  album  to  be  played at
celebrations  of  love and life:  weddings, family gatherings, intimate
moments,"  said Marylata Jacob,  the album's co-executive producer
and longtime friend of Ross.  "I Love You" is Diana's personal offe-
ring  to  honor  these  celebrations  of love,  from the glance of your
first true love, through the joy of children and love everlasting."

Audiences  also  will hear  Berlin's "Take My Breath Away," and the
Harry Nilsson classic "Remember."

"It's time to say, `I Love You,'" Ross said."We must remember love
in the past; nurture it in the present and dream of it in the future."
April 22      Marksville, LA            - Paragon Casino.
April 24     Orlando, FL                  - Hard Rock Live.
Diana Ross gets gala crowd moving with classic tunes, 
By: ROBERT LOPEZ , The Enterprise 

Bishop Curtis Guillory, in a blessing at the Beaumont Civic Center Saturday night,
asked that Diana Ross "might be able to uplift us through song."

The 63-year-old diva lived up to her divine duty.

Ross  got the crowd  swinging as headliner  for the  Christus Health Foundation's
27th annual fundraising gala.

A sold-out crowd of more than 1,000 people took their seats underneath a ceiling
of upside down parachutes bathed in soft lights. Beaumont blues singer Barbara
Lynn warmed up the crowd during dinner with some funky beats.

"I saw her (Ross) years and years ago," Lynn said. "This is a very exciting oppor-

About 9:30 p.m. the lights went dark at the Civic Center. On stage flashing red lights silhouetted the back-up singers and instrumentalists as they clapped their hands. A rising crescendo led into the opening chords of "I'm Coming Out." A minute later Ross emerged in a tight red gown and big hair, looking about two decades younger than her actual age. A grin, from ear to ear, beamed down at the fans who were rushing to the foot of the stage in their tuxedos and evening gowns, cell phones and digital cameras in hand. The security guards allowed them a few minutes of gazing before asking them to move back.

She followed "I'm Coming Out" with "My World is Empty Without You," and then the
classic Supremes tune "Baby Love."

Another Supremes hit, "Stop! In the Name of Love," got the crowd on their feet, and even the gray-haired women in their flowing gowns swiveled their hips and extended their palms to the beat of the music.

The black tie event, which in the past has featured the likes of Kenny Rogers and Ray Charles, this year honored Dr. Mark Kubala and his wife, Betty. Kubala received the Texas Medical Association's Distinguished Service Award last year.

All proceeds from the bash will go toward the purchase of a digital mammography unit.

April 25  Melbourne, FL    - King Center for the Performing Arts.
Diana Ross: A Trip Down Memory Lane
Diana Ross described it well:

"It's memory time!" the iconic diva proclaimed early in her performance Tuesday at Hard Rock Live. When it comes to old favorites, Ross and her arsenal of Motown classics are hard to beat:

"My World Is Empty Without You," "Where Did Our Love Go," "Baby Love," "Stop! In the Name of Love" — Ross rolled out the big Supremes' hits early in her 80-minute show. The opening number, appropriately enough, was a quick taste of "I'm Coming Out," in which the band's introduction lasted longer than the song itself.

Ross looked resplendent in a glittering red evening gown, with a massive matching wrap that stretched from her shoulders to her ankles. When she tossed that accessory aside, the slinky dress revealed that she still has an admirable hourglass figure at age 63.

The star was accompanied by an economically constructed 5-member band (keyboards, guitar, bass, drums and percussion), as well as two backup singers. Aside from a low staircase in the middle of the stage, there weren't any visual distractions. Behind the ensemble long curtains framed a starry backdrop.

Ross delivered the old hits faithfully, although the band did enliven "Touch Me in the Morning"
with some sassy Latin rhythms.

After about 20 minutes, Ross left the ensemble to jam alone as she executed the first
of three costume changes. Nothing radical, in the Cher mode, just matching glittery gowns
in different colors.

As a singer, Ross has always possessed a voice that's occasionally thin and a bit idiosyn
cratic. If she were an American Idol contestant, it's easy to imagine that Simon would
have snarky criticism, but she would be a fan favorite.

She does have the distinct advantage, however, of being the one and only Diana Ross, a role that she still plays with style and confidence. The other thing that's readily apparent is the quality of the old songs: More solid pop creations would be hard to find.

And Ross used her voice to great advantage on Billie Holiday's solitary "Don't Explain" and "Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)."

There were a few of the hits that she didn't do and those songs might have been better than the time-chewing closing combination of "I Will Survive" and "I Love You (That's All That Really Matters)."

Ross dedicated the latter, a ballad on her latest album, I Love You, to the families of the Virginia Tech victims.

"Let's have a celebration of life and love," Ross told the crowd, "and be positive about keeping love alive."

After all these years, it's easy to forget the love in these old songs, so it's nice to have Ross around to remind us.

April 26  Clearwater, FL     - Ruth Eckerd Hall.
April 28  Tobago.                   - 3 rd Annual Jazz Festival.
April 05    Mashantucket, CT    April 06    New York City, NY   April 07    Atlantic City, NJ       
April 09    Red Bank, NJ            
April 11     Toronto, ON           
April 12     Toronto, ON            
April 13     Mt. Pleasant, MI     
April 14     Chicago, IL
April 16     Auburn Hills, MI     
April 19     Grand Prairie, TX
April 20     McAllen,TX             
April 21     Beaumont,TX           
April 22     Marksville, LA          
April 24   Orlando, FL           April 25     Melbourne, FL          April 26     Clearwater, FL    
April 28     Tobago.                   
April 30     Hollywood, FL
- Foxwoods casino - Fox Theatre Stage.            
- Madison Square Garden.                               
- Borgata Hotel.                                   
- Count Basie Theatre.                                
- Fallsview Casino and Resort.                  
- Fallsview Casino and Resort.              
- Soaring Eagle Casino.                     
- Chicago Theatre.                                        
- Palace Auburn Hills.
- Nokia Theatre.                                               
- Dodge Arena. * Special Engagement to Benefit Centro Cultural.
- Beaumont Civic Center. * fundraising gala.  
- Paragon Casino.                                     
- Hard Rock Live.
- King Center for the Performing Arts.
- Ruth Eckerd Hall.
- 3 rd Annual Jazz Festival.                                                - caribbean.
- Hard Rock Hotel.

April 30  Hollywood, FL       - Hard Rock Hotel.
I was front row center for the NYC concert, my first time seeing Diana and she was amazing...
Best, Sergio Kletnoy  (Thanks for the pictures Sergio)
Diana Ross dazzles in concert

Diva in the house.  Diana  Ross took the stage at the King Center on Wednesday evening.
It is one of four Florida stops on her international tour. Kathleen Hinkel, FLORIDA TODAY

MELBOURNE - As soon as she stepped on stage, it was clear a diva had arrived.

Diana Ross made her first Brevard County appearance Wednesday night at the King Center
for the Performing Arts. It was one of four Florida stops on her international "I Love You" concert tour.

The audience had to wait 30 minutes for the show to start because Ross got stuck in traffic, but no one seemed to care. When she took to the stage dressed in a dazzling red gown and lavish, thick boa, Ross stepped to the microphone and sang, "I'm Coming Out."

"All night we're going do lots of memories," she said.

Ross  seemed  to  thrill  the audience   with  happy-go-lucky
Supremes'  classics like   "Baby Love,"  "My World Is Empty
Without You," and, of  course,  "Stop! In the Name of Love,"
which brought most of the  1,600  people in the audience to
their feet, dancing and singing along with the Motown icon.

Ross was lead singer  with  the  legendary  Motown  group.

The Supremes were the inspiration for the Broadway musi-
cal and recent movie, "Dreamgirls."

"Oh, I can't believe it," said beaming Melbourne hair stylist Steven Sterling. "I love her. Part of who I am is because of Diana. Every time I make an entrance, I feel like her."

As soon as Lisa Patrick of Cocoa heard Ross would be performing here, she hurried to get tickets.

"I said I'm gonna get me a ticket," she laughed. "I grew up with the music and the movies."

As soon as Lisa Patrick of Cocoa heard Ross would be performing here, she hurried to get tickets.

"I said I'm gonna get me a ticket," she laughed. "I grew up with the music and the movies."

Ross, 63, was born in Detroit and grew up singing in a church choir. She made her name as lead singer with the Supremes from 1961 to 1970, using her sultry styling with finger popping tunes that became love anthems for a generation.

In 1972, she was nominated for an Academy Award for her portrayal of the blues singer Billie Holiday in "Lady Sings the Blues." She also appeared in "Mahogany" (1975) and "The Wiz" (1978).

She  has  worked  with  Lionel Ritchie  and  Michael Jackson.

Most recently,  she made an appearance on "American Idol."

Friends  Janet Dunkin of Melbourne and Jane Gautier-Shadoin of St. Raphael,
France,  dressed up in  glamorous finery for the show. They both said they
were "speechless" when they found out Ross would be performing here.

"Look at me," Gautier-Shadoin said. "I'm thrilled to death to see
her." However, both the women wished Brevard would have
dressed up more for the event.

"Why flipflops?" Gautier-Shadoin said. "This is rhinestone event."

Diana said to us (and she said the same thing during the concert) “You guys haven’t changed a bit!” and we hugged her and each spoke to her.  I asked her how she was doing and she said “good.  Good” and I said “thank you for going on tour you bring us so much happiness” she said ‘are you kidding?  Do you know how much you guys give back to me”  (Report From a fan)
Diana Ross proves she has survived

Dreamgirls come, dreamgirls go, but there's only one                           Diana Ross. And that Ross, in all her sequined glory, had one of the more successful dates of her                     current ''I Love You Tour'' Monday night at Hollywood's Hard Rock Live.

Drawing 5,000 or so fans for the closing date of her American leg, about double the number she has lured for some earlier stops on this tour, Ross, 63, covered the basics -- her Supremes hits and her '70s pop and disco numbers -- and wisely ignored her lackluster new CD of remakes, except for the syrupy title track, I Love You, as her encore.

But it was a cover plucked from her obscure 1995 Take Me Higher album that turned an often-perfunctory performance from a mere cavalcade of oldies and a fashion show of tulle and spangly dresses into something slightly more personable.

The song was Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive, sung late in Ross' 80-minute set. Given all that she has been through, not the least of which was a high-profile disastrous vocal performance on American Idol last month, I Will Survive felt like a mission statement.

Sure, Ross could endure 23 years without a major hit single in America. But Miss Ross will not be denied her stature as a consummate show business entertainer.

Unfortunately, her concert sparked in fits and starts. Her entrance to an abbreviated I'm Coming Out, in a blazing red gown and wrap, led to a plodding and tinny series of '60s Supremes hits, My World Is Empty Without You, Where Did Our Love Go, Baby Love and Stop in the Name of Love.

The latter and Love Child skipped out of the '60s arrangements they once wore and, with thumping pulse, took on aspects of '70s disco. Yet, at times, Ross seemed to lack confidence and didn't command her stage, sticking to a small area with an arm extension sufficing as her grand gesture. For a woman whose lively music was so often an aerobics class staple, Ross keeps her movements to a bare minimum.

So can Ross still sing, Idol notwithstanding? The answer is yes, as well as ever on a tender and lovely God Bless the Child, dedicated to ''Mother Kendrick'' in the audience. Unfortunately, Ross followed that classy one with the disposable Why Do Fools Fall in Love, wasting her voice on meaningless fluff. Where is Ross' manager?

At times, as on a hurried Ease on Down the Road from 1978's The Wiz, or on the irresistible disco tune Love Hangover, where singing was an afterthought (she only sang the opening verse and first chorus before fleeing from the stage for another outfit), Ross seemed more concerned with her entrances. But when she slowed the tempo, putting a jazzy, seductive spin on her 1973 pop hit Touch Me in the Morning or the lesser-known It's My House she rose above her bland, nondistinct five-piece band. The Ross of old, the star, appeared.

A Diana Ross concert doesn't have the energized air of Event the way, say a Streisand show does. This icon's career has been too often mismanaged and marginalized. But few can deliver the feel-good showmanship the elegant Ross delivers -- if only the highlights hadn't proved so fleeting.
HOLLYWOOD, FL - APRIL 30: Diana Ross performs At Hard Rock Live April 30, 2007 in Hollywood, Florida.      (Photos by Larry Marano/Getty Images)
Diana Ross, “The Boss” got miffed at the Plymouth Jazz Festival on Saturday night when organisers asked her to cut short her performance.

Celebrated for her costume changes during high energy performances, Ross, had the Plymouth, Tobago crowd hanging on her every word from the time she hit the stage. Less than 20 minutes into her act, she had a costume change, switching from a white gown to a spectacular red number. But when she returned to the stage, “The Boss” was not pleased at all.

She told the audience that she had been asked to cut short her act, and after a cover of “I Will Survive” she left the stage never to return, despite pleas from the stunned audience.
However, patrons felt that they had been cheated by the half hour long performance of Knight, and were clearly at the height of enjoyment when Ross very irritably announced that she would be unable to complete her set.

Ross’ short-lived stint was followed by a soulful half hour performance by Blige who also retreated with an apology to her many disappointed fans. (More!!)
Plymouth leaves ‘The Boss’ cross, BY MARISSA WILLIAMS Tobago.